Plans for Property Leases

Leases of parts of a building require a sketch plan suitable for lodgement with the Titles Registry while leases of parts of land require a full formal survey plan.

Lease Plans are required for commercial leases of high value, this requires a measure of the premises and a connection to the boundaries to locate the lease. These plans comply with the Property Council of Australia methods of determining lease areas. This depends on the whether the tenancy is a retail shop, commercial warehouse, in a shopping mall or an office block. There are different recommended methods for each of these, however negotiated agreements between tenants and landlords can vary.

We can prepare lease plans to a high standard and have a great deal of experience in shopping malls, office towers and commercial situations together with Master Sketches when required.

Leases of land are treated differently and require a formal survey of the property, this requires a full survey of the surrounding block, reinstatement of the boundaries and marking the lease on the ground with suitable marks. A survey plan is then prepared and checked and is lodged with the titles office after examination.

In some cases where leases extend over the whole of the lot of land plans are not required, please consult a legal professional.

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