Boundary Identification

Usually required when erecting new fences, building new houses, extensions to existing houses and sometimes to resolve disputes.

Existing fences may not always be where they should be, using them to locate new improvements along or near a boundary may result in a costly exercise to fix any encroachments.

Recommended especially in older areas when purchasing properties.

A formal plan is required by regulation, this is submitted to DNRM for their records.

The survey process requires all the purchase of all relevant survey plans from DNRM (search) this can cost anything from $100-$250 but is included in the quoted cost of the survey.

This information is analysed and a field survey of the surrounding block is undertaken, information from this field survey is compared to the information gathered from the search and a boundary reinstatement is calculated. The boundary corners are then marked with pegs or suitable markers.

Any structures or improvements near the boundaries are located and shown on the plan, if they are adversely affecting a property notifications are issued to the relevant owners.

A common question is why would it cost almost the same to replace 2 pegs as it would to replace 4.

The answer is that most of the work is doing the reinstatement from existing marks off previous plans, once that is done then replacing pegs is a relatively quick exercise.

Identification surveys usually require 2 visits to the site and a few hours of plan preparation and QA.

Our costs to do identification surveys are very competitive and are usually done within a week of commissioning.

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