Cadastral Surveys


These are surveys relating to the title of land, from a 1 into 2 lot reconfiguration (subdivision) to multi-lot Building Format plans (Strata).


The cost of the survey component of a development is largely made up of the searches and time spent reinstating the boundaries from the available information.

cadastral image survey
survey plan

 The Process

The process usually follows the path of first doing a feasibility study and determining if the proposed development would be supported by the relevant local authority (council). This is usually done using the services of a town planner and perhaps meeting with council to discuss ways of achieving their acceptable outcomes.

If the development is feasible then a contour detail plan is prepared (see contour detail section) this compiles information regarding levels, existing structures, vegetation and services. This is used to determine a new lot layout and the location of new services. This done in consultation with an engineer.

A proposal plan is then drawn up showing the proposed new layout and submitted to council for approval in the form of a Development Application (DA), this is done by a town planner and there are fees to be paid to the council. Prelodgement meetings may be required to resolve servicing issues.

Once the DA is approved, the council usually impose conditions and range fees that need to be paid. A negotiated decision notice may be required if some of the proposals are not supported at first, again this requires the services of a Town Planner.

Operational works now commence, this includes earthworks, laying of new services and complying with all conditions imposed in the approval.

During this stage, the new boundaries are marked and a formal plan prepared and submitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines for examination.

The approved plan is then submitted to the relevant council once all the conditions of the DA have been met, the plan is then sealed and lodged with the Titles Registry for registration.

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