Contour Detail Surveys

These are essential for planning any development or building work.

Our service includes a survey of the site that will determine the levels of the ground and all the features and details. Utility Services (sewer, storm water, electricity, gas etc.) are located and overlaid with available information. Where possible invert levels, pipe sizes and materials are shown.

This information is gathered from Dial Before You Dig searches and from the relevant council where available, each council has its own platform for providing this information so it does vary.

Information on adjoining buildings or structure is shown including approximate floor levels, roof height and construction.

Benchmarks are installed for use during construction if required.

The field component is done using modern equipment; Robotic Total Stations, GNSS and electronic levels. The total stations have a Reflectorless distance measuring capabilities that allow measuring to features such as eaves, roof ridges etc. without access. Each feature on the ground is physically located in 3 dimensions very accurately, most surveys contain hundreds of measurements.

These measurements are then downloaded onto a computer and a 3-dimensional model is created, this is then plotted out in PDF format and supplied to the client. A CAD file containing the 3D model is also supplied.

Level datum is established from known survey marks, either by spirit levelling, trig heighting or by GNSS when marks are far away.

Brisbane City council contours are also digitised and shown on the plan or on a separate plan if required, this allows design to comply with council height limits, (9.5m above original ground level for Brisbane City council- subject to confirmation)

We can provide a contour detail plan within a week of commissioning. Please see our example.

Contour detail example

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