Planning your DREAM Home

Planning your DREAM Home Seminar

A few weeks ago, Steve Holloway was one of the key speakers of the “Planning your DREAM Home” seminar in Cleveland.

At that seminar, my colleagues and I were presenting what you need to be aware of when you want to build your dream home so the process can be enjoyable.

Here is some information about the event and some photos:

Plansur - seminar


Plansur - Planning your dream home seminarEVENT DESCRIPTION

Discover WHY a custom built home is
– a smooth process
– is cost-effective and stops the budget blowouts
– gives you more control
and more options and ultimately gives you a DREAM home!

Are you considering building or renovating to create your Dream Home? Come and find out why a custom built and designed home will give you so many more options and be better for your budget than buying a Spec home.
Before you choose your team, come to learn about the professionals in the process
  • Steve Holloway from Plansur is your local Surveyor and will ensure that your land and its boundaries are correct. He liases with architects and town planners to ensure that your land size and boundaries are exact.

Steve Holloway

  • Adam Mason is a well-respected builder in SEQ and he has written a TELL ALL BOOK on how to find the top 1% of builders in your area. He runs Adam Mason Homes

Adam Mason

  • Bradley Ashcroft is an award-winning local Architect with a background in building. He creates designs with flair and an understanding of what is needed for your build and your budget. See more about his work on Ashcroft Architects website

Bradley Ashcroft

  • Dawn Powell from Designing Interiors is a local Interior Designer, with her guidance, your dreams and visions will come to life without the overwhelm of selecting colours and finishes.

Dawn Powell

  • Michael Van Dyck from A1 Certifier is a Building Certifier and is one of the few in the industry that is registered is 4 states. He also has a background in Architecture so he has a full understanding of getting your build compliant with local planning.

Michael Van Dyck


See you at the next event!

Plansur Team